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Our law firm Kramer & Schloß offers you 30 years of experience in successful consulting, extrajudicial and judicial representation. Our main focus is on corporate law, family law and notarial services.
In order to be able to guarantee the high quality of our work, we and our employees regularly and intensively train ourselves. This results in particular from the advanced training certificate of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers for Lawyer and Notary Meike Schloß.

Notarial activities

The fields of the work of a notary is present in all areas of life and affects various areas of law. In the following you find only an illustrative list of the potential activities of notary Meike Schloß for you:

The lawyers

We cover the classic areas of legal practice, in particular judicial and extrajudicial representation in inheritance law, family law, corporate law, commercial law, sales contract law, administrative offence law, traffic law, civil law.

Lawyers Heinrich Kramer and Meike Schloß are prepared to participate in dispute resolution procedures at the conciliation board of the legal profession.

Meike Schloß (M.M.)
Meike Schloß (M.M.)Lawyer Specialist in family law, mediator and notary
Since 2006 Mrs. Schloß has been a lawyer and since 2013 she is admitted as a notary. Since 2009 she has been entitled to use the title “Fachanwältin für Familienrecht”. Ms. Schloß is also fluent in English, so that she is happy to offer her services as an attorney as well as advice and drafting contracts as a notary also in English. On the basis of the advanced training certificate of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers it can be seen that Mrs. Schloß regularly takes part in further and advanced training courses.

Furthermore, in 2004 she successfully completed her training as a mediator within the framework of a post-graduate master’s course of study with the title “master of mediation”.

Notariat Family Law Inheritance Law Contract Law Company Law Advanced Training Certificate

Main areas of activity:
– notary’s office
– Family Law
– Law of Succession
– Contract Law
– Company Law

Membership in associations:
Deutscher Anwaltsverein,
Verein der Anwälte des Landgerichts Duisburg,
Verein der Anwälte des Amtsgericht Mülheim,
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Familienrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein,
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mediation e.V.

Heinrich Alfons Kramer
Heinrich Alfons KramerLawyer and notary (retired)
Mr. Kramer was admitted to the bar in 1977 and continues to practice this profession. In the period from 1986 to 2016 he was simultaneously admitted as a notary public. Due to reaching the age limit, his activity as a notary ended in March 2016.

He is at your disposal as a consultant in matters of contract law, inheritance law and corporate law.

Inheritance Law Company Law Contract Law

Main areas of activity:
– Law of Succession
– Company Law
– Contract Law

Membership in associations:
Deutscher Anwaltsverein
Verein der Anwälte des Landgerichts Duisburg
Verein der Anwälte des Amtsgericht Mülheim

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Our team

Our office is a well-rehearsed team, which is always at your side for legal advice and representation.

Jutta Nickel
Jutta NickelField of activity: Notary's office
Ms. Nickel has been employed at the law firm Kramer & Schloss as a notary clerk since 1992.

Phone: +49 208 47 67 25

Mandy Hofedank
Mandy HofedankField of activity: Notary's office
Mrs. Hofedank has been employed at the law firm Kramer & Schloss as notary’s assistant since 2014.

Phone: +49 208 47 58 88

Ramona Weßling
Ramona WeßlingTätigkeitsgebiet: Anwalt und Notariat
Ms. Weßling has been working in our law firm since 2010, first as a trainee and then as a paralegal and notary’s assistant.

Phone: +49 208 47 27 31

Büsra Vural
Büsra VuralField of activity: Lawyer and notary's office
Trainee at the law firm Kramer & Schoss since 2019.

Phone: +49 208 47 27 31


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